Do you provide DPO-as-a service?

Privacy Control Center has a network of specialists to organise your monitoring effectively. By using PCC, the DPO can perform some of its tasks remotely and it has a structured working method which guarantees the supervision efficiency and continuity. Privacy Control Center has a network of specialists to organize your monitoring effectively.

How is Privacy Control Center secured?

We understand that sensitive data is stored in PCC. The Thirdwave Group - the supplier of Privacy Control Center - and its suppliers are therefore ISO 27001 certified throughout the entire chain.

Where does storage take place and is it encrypted?

The storage takes place on a dedicated managed hosting platform, which is managed by our hosting provider Cyso and is located at data centres in the Netherlands. With the typical use of Privacy Control Center, limited personal data is stored in the work environment. In general, processed personal data are limited to the names and contact details of contact persons, which is why we have chosen not to store data in the database in encrypted form. Of course, the connections to the application are encrypted (SSL certificates).

How is the confidentiality of company- and personal data regulated?

Privacy Control Center employees with access to personal data have signed a contractual confidentiality clause. In addition, Privacy Control Center asks each employee for a Certificate of Good Behaviour (In Dutch: Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag).

Is there the possibility of two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is available within Privacy Control Center.

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