Extensive records of processing activities

  • Providing insight in your systems and suppliers.
  • Keeping records of all your personal data processing activities.
  • Carrying out one or multiple Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).
  • Converting the DPIA to a clear overview of risks.
  • Determining a feasible process with measures to improve the security of personal data.
  • Supervising and monitoring the measures.
  • Providing reports to management on the lie of the land and progress within your organization.

DPIA: standardized and tailor made

Privacy Control Center offers a DPIA or PIA that is designed based on our practical experience. This DPIA is inter alia based on the norms of the NOREA and the Dutch Government resulting in a user-friendly risk assessment. 

For the effectuation of the DPIAs charged to your clients, it can be necessary to tailor (a part of) the DPIA to your clients’ needs. Our Privacy Control Center is designed in such a way, that a tailor-made DPIA is easily put together. Therefore, it is possible to offer a shortened DPIA or a standardized checklist to your clients. 

All documents in one place

Apart from the records and the task overview, it is advised to bundle all your relevant documents in one place. Privacy Control Center bundles:

  • Privacy policy
  • Processor agreements
  • Data breach protocols
  • Guidelines, instructions and codes of conduct
  • Audit reports

Operating multiple organizations with one single account

Due to the big demand for Privacy Professionals, it is fairly common that one DPO offers his services to multiple organizations. Therefore, Privacy Control center also helps DPO-as-a-service with practical support. U can create your own supplementary accounts and manage them. Thus, the information of your customers or separate branches of your organization is clearly separated.

Smart record of processing activities

On of the advantages of our record of processing activities, is the fact that we apply our know-how in forms and work-flows. We can help you with practical tips on efficiently documenting de characteristics of your organization and processes. 

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